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Henderson Executive Airport

Henderson Executive Airport is an airport located within Henderson, Nevada, just north of Las Vegas, within Clark County, Nevada. It is owned by Clark County and managed by the Clark County Transportation Department. There are also a Henderson International Airport and a North Las Vegas International Airport.

With the advent of the internet it has become easy to book for air travel online, but this convenience should not be allowed to cloud your judgment. Before you decide to fly there, make sure that you are actually flying there. Some people will fly to Vegas from Henderson and then take their vacation to Mexico.

The Henderson airport was originally called Las Vegas/Northern California International Airport. There were many other names before it became known as Henderson. It was named after the Henderson brothers, who operated the first major commercial airline and the main hub for freight and air transport. They left behind a thriving aviation industry, the main focus of which was airline travel. Click here to learn more

Today the Henderson Executive airport serves as the main commercial airport for Henderson, NV. It is also the primary transportation hub for Las Vegas. The main reason for this growth is the growth in the casino industry in Henderson and Clark County. Another major factor is the expansion of the airport at Henderson.

When I flew to Henderson about a year ago I met a guy named Jim who was trying to sell me some real estate. Jim told me that if I would buy a home close to the airport that I could use the houses as a rental property.

I didn’t believe him and I wanted to check out the Henderson Executive Airport to see if it had an airport code. After going to Henderson Executive Airport I decided that this was a good idea, even though I still want to check it out myself.

As I traveled through the terminal I saw that the airport has a business center and a variety of restaurants and shopping malls. I noticed that there are several restaurants near the airport with an airplane flying overhead, but it was difficult to determine the actual airport code for the airport.

I did notice that there is a small water fountain near the business center, but the information on the sign I read was not correct. So when I tried to call the number listed on the business center sign, I learned that it was not the airport at all.

I would recommend that anyone looking to fly to Henderson look into the Henderson airport, especially if they are interested in living or renting a home there. because it has been growing rapidly with the growth of the Las Vegas strip.

3500 Executive Terminal Dr, Henderson, NV 89052

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