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McNeil Estates Las Vegas NV

One of the most well-known – and surely one of the most lovely – of all the Vintage Las Vegas Neighborhoods is known simply as “McNeil.”
The majority of the homes were built in the early 1960s, while some of the older residences date back to the late 1940s and 1950s.
The majority are “Ranch Residences,” but there are a few “Mid Mod” or “Desert Modern” homes as well.
There are a few two-story homes in McNeil, but it is primarily a single-story neighborhood.

McNeil is really divided into multiple subdivisions, including McNeil Tract, McNeil Estates, McNeil Manor, McNeil Park, and Mason Manor.
Along Cashman, there are some custom residences (not in a development). McNeil Estates is a Las Vegas, Nevada neighborhood. McNeil Estates primarily consists of medium homes that are reasonably priced. This is a long-established neighborhood that continues to pique the curiosity of buyers in the Las Vegas area.

You have probably heard about McNeil Estates Las Vegas NV. This is one of the many great real estate opportunities in Nevada. McNeil Estates has been home to many famous people such as former Attorney General John Reno, entertainer Marilyn Monroe, actress Clark Gable and even entertainerppers Rod Stewart and Bruce Springsteen. McNeil Estates was designed for the benefit of the entire family. They are able to build custom homes that can be enjoyed by all the members of your family.

The property management company here will assist you in the purchase, lease, and maintenance of your new home. McNeil Estates is located on the beautiful Tahoe-Reno National Forest. It is an ideal location for an estate investment, especially for those who are looking for family enjoyment.

The homes for sale here have excellent views of the mountains, including snow-capped peaks in the western portion of the valley. When you buy a home here, you will be able to experience and enjoy a quiet, peaceful community. There are no children to worry about, and your neighbors will greet you with warmth and loyalty. McNeil Estates real estate properties are a safe choice for families to live in, with plenty of choices in sizes, styles, and locations.

These real estate properties offer two separate entrances; one on the south side of town, the other on the north. Both entrances are available to your family and friends. In addition to the homes for sale in the town, you will also find condos and town homes. These are located near the ski slope and are perfect for families with growing kids. If you are a person who loves the outdoors, McNeil Estates offers hiking and biking trails, which are easily accessible from your homes.

McNeil Estates real estate properties are located on more than four acres of lush garden land, which allows you to be surrounded by nature without even leaving the safety and comfort of your indoor living space Rancho Oakley. Your children will enjoy the spaciousness of these types of homes. The playgrounds, tennis courts, and swimming pools are located within walking distance, and you can choose from single-story homes to those that have multiple floors. In addition to the stunning landscape, you will enjoy a selection of beautiful family vehicles such as tractors and cars.

There are many great public schools in the McNeil Estates area, and you can give your children a head start by sending them to school before they enter the prime of their lives. With so much for your family to do and see in this lovely community, there is no reason to ever leave your family’s home. You can find a great home in this quiet corner of Las Vegas with the help of an experienced real estate agent, and your family will love being able to call home in Mcnea Estates.

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