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Mountain’s Edge NV

Located in the southwest side of Las Vegas, Mountain’s Edge is a 3,000-acre master-planned community that’s known for its affordable homes and prime location near the I-15.
Mountain’s Edge is a planned community in the unincorporated town of Enterprise in Clark County, Nevada. It is a neighborhood within the southwest part of the Las Vegas Valley.
Mountain’s Edge is an upcoming planned community just outside of the unincorporated city of Enterprise in Clark County. It’s a planned community located on the south side of the Las Vegas Strip, right in the mountains of Nevada. The community will consist mostly of ultra-affordable houses and will be designed around the unique culture and topography of southern Nevada. This is similar to the “Grapevine” model of planned communities, except in this case the communities are designed around the mountain range rather than the surrounding cities. Although Mountain’s Edge isn’t a final name yet, it’s expected to become a major player in the building boom being experienced by Las Vegas and other desert cities.

Mountain’s Edge was created by Las Vegas architect firms Urban Evolution and Via Architecture. Urban Evolution was founded by Frank Lloyd Wright, one of the most famous architects of all time, and they developed the model of the community for the express purpose of building the first urban area in Clark County. Frank Lloyd Wright is famous for developing the Guggenheim Museum in New York City as well as the Homewood Resort in San Diego.

Both developers accomplished something very important. They established a concept that would become the template for future successful development of suburban communities across the country. Frank Lloyd Wright’s vision of integrating mountain and urban living into his plan for the urban area around his home is becoming a major influence on how Americans live. Mountain’s Edge communities bring together the best of two worlds, the cultural and entertainment aspects of downtown Las Vegas with the natural beauty of the desert. And this integration creates a unique community where families can enjoy both elements without ever compromising their unique qualities.

Mountain’s Edge looks to bring these two elements together through its planning and design. The community designs its buildings to complement their environment, creating an open space in which residents and visitors can wander, play, relax, and observe the surrounding nature. The mixed-use community anticipates future growth through its plan to develop new spaces and neighborhoods, and through its active involvement in its development. Mountain’s Edge hosts numerous block parties, festivals, concerts, and community events. The neighborhood also has an active Go Bag Ban, in which residents collect trash bags throughout the year and deliver them to the landfill in January. Another local program, Mountain View Cleanup, collects food scraps, paper, cans, eggs, and other trash and recycles them for free.

But beyond these important things, Mountain’s Edge offers a lifestyle that many cities can only dream about. Residents enjoy a low crime rate, a diverse community, and convenient locations. They’re close to schools, shopping, and cultural attractions like the Silverado Trail Conservatory, historic Sunlight Inn & Casino, and historic downtown Las Vegas. These residents probably wouldn’t feel like they’re living in the perfect place for a lifestyle like theirs, if they didn’t have such a great view. Residents have easy access to all the amenities they could want on the hill, and residents are encouraged to “play within the limits.”

The Mountain’s Edge neighborhood is still growing much like Southern Highlands. In the Spring, there will be a mixed-use complex opening up at Seven Towns, bringing more people and more money into the mix. There’s also potential for a new library, a hot spot for outdoor recreation, and a housing subdivision. This is an exciting time for the community.

Although Mountain’s Edge has been around for 15 years, builders are still adding new homes to the neighborhood, which means there are a range of home styles to choose from featuring Mediterranean and modern designs. In addition to new construction homes, the community also features over 500 acres of open space, parks, and trail systems, making it easy for residents to stay active.

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