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Rancho Oakley NV

The Rancho Oakey community in the Las Vegas Metro Area is a beautiful planned community of homes overlooking Lake Mead. The community offers residents and their visitors a beautiful gated entryway to the Lake. The community is built on five hundred acres of land and includes two golf courses and two miniature golf courses. The main houses are constructed on higher ground than the rest of the houses, and offer breathtaking views of the surrounding Mountains. The houses are contemporary in design, reflecting a new focus on building a family environment rather than an “affluent” neighborhood.

The main attraction for the community is the Lake itself. At one time the lake was home to over twenty thousand migratory birds. A massive birdwashing effort funded the construction of the Chatswap Dam, which protects the birds from large numbers of aircraft. Now the reservoir serves as a swimming pool for the public, as well as an ice skating rink for the locals. The community also features an outdoor stage for live entertainment.

Many residents choose to raise chickens in the area and raise them for meat and eggs. In addition to the chickens, many residents raise honeybees, both native species and ones they import from the East. Visitors can stop by at the community’s four restaurants and take a tour of the facilities.

One of the most popular activities for residents and visitors is fishing. Visitors can rent equipment and go for a day of guided fishing, catching pink trout, perch, or catfish. There are numerous fishing charters in the area, as well as several locations where residents and visitors can fish from the comfort of their cars. A variety of bait fish can be caught on fishing rods and lures on a variety of water levels.

For residents and tourists, several different types of shows take place in the community. The Tivoli Gardens provides a wide range of floral displays designed to resemble a tropical forest. resident and tourist show featuring traditional music and dancing showcase local talent.

Rancho Oakey is also home to several public parks Skye Canyon. The parks include Riverton Park with picnic areas, as well as the Woodland Park. Both areas contain trails for hiking, strolling, or biking. A large portion of the community is surrounded by a golf course. The courses include Riverton Resort Golf Club, Eagle Bend Golf Club, and Wildwood Creek Golf Club.

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