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Summerlin West

We’ve always prided ourselves on pushing the envelope and testing the bounds of conventional thought. It was true when we first opened Summerlin in 1991, and it remains true today (+/- 17,000 acres and over 100,000 residents later) as we prepare to kick into high gear and begin the last phase of the Summerlin plan.

We’re entering new terrain, both physically and metaphorically. The Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area and the La Madre Mountain Wilderness Area encompass about 5,000 acres of high desert. From active urban lifestyle to enormous nature, there’s something for everyone. From affordable traditional homes to stunning estates on the outskirts of protected open space, there’s something for everyone.

Summerlin is a boom town within a boom town, having been named one of Money magazine’s “Best Places to Live” in 2014. The rise of the community has followed that of Las Vegas, which has gone from a national gambling hotspot to a global entertainment and business destination. The NHL has come to our city and community thanks to the Golden Knights. Las Vegas is becoming a sports town on the rise, with the acquisition of the Las Vegas Raiders and our own Triple A team, the Aviators, in brand new stadiums. Here, the excitement is just growing, and we’re delighted to be a part of it. It’s a tale of co-evolution between the city and the community.

What exactly is Summerlin West?

Summerlin West is the area north of West Charleston and west of the 215 Beltway. The Paseos, The Vistas, and Stonebridge are the three surviving settlements…
Many more are planned for the roughly 5,000 acres that remain, including Redpoint and Redpoint Square in Far Hills, as well as the 215 Beltway.

When Summerlin West is finished, how many communities will there be?

Summerlin West is divided into 14 villages and 12 neighborhood districts for SID purposes.
Each neighborhood area has its own architectural and landscaping style that is inspired by the surrounding mountain views and geologic structures that extend into the property.

As we travel west, here are some key phrases to remember:

VILLAGE: To the west of the urban core, the community will expand up to a number of major villages, each with its own distinct natural features and areas of interest.

DISTRICT: A strong urban core organizes these various character districts.
The higher the residential density and the more town-like the atmosphere the closer you get to the core.
They are the first places slated for construction in Summerlin West, and they are located on the east side of the community.

NEIGHBORHOOD: Smaller areas will arise inside the villages and districts, each with its own personality and monuments.
These neighborhoods will aid in breaking down the community’s scale into friendly, recognized areas with a distinct address.

URBAN CORE: The land dedicated to Summerlin West’s urban core will be developed in accordance with the needs of its neighbors, creating interesting places between home and work that invite you to stop, hang out, catch up with friends, a quiet corner to do some work, a vibrant square, or perhaps even a place to call home.
The urban core will be an original and bustling town center easily accessible from the trails and parks right outside your back door, taking “town” to a new level.
Consider it the yin to the yang of Downtown Summerlin Queensridge. A new destination having a distinct identity derived from its singular location.

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