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The Aquarium at The Mirage

When checking in, please check the 20,000 gallon brine tank behind the front desk. The indoor coral reef is home to about 450 species of fish from 85 species of fins and gilded glory. The reason for choosing these fishes is their adaptability to the environment and their compatibility with other fishes. One of the most popular attractions is the aquarium behind the front desk. This 20,000 gallon saltwater aquarium is home to angelfish, puffer fish, bones and other exotic marine life. After two months of renovation, the famous lobby aquarium in Mirage Hall-already one of the most sophisticated and technologically advanced aquariums in the world-now provides visitors with a new sensory escape.

Several top aquarium design experts collaborated to create a perfect underwater environment. The interior has been carefully crafted to simulate the intricate coral reef. In order to protect the biological reefs in the ocean, no live corals are used in the fish tank. The aquarium’s filtration and life support system has also undergone a technical update, which will improve visibility and support new artificial corals and nearly 1,000 specimens. The spectacular view of 20,000 gallons is a new, brighter artificial coral habitat, reminiscent of the exotic atmosphere of tropical regions such as Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. In order to protect the environment of the celebration, the Mirage Museum donated the old reef system on display to the Natural History Museum of Las Vegas. The Mirage lobby aquarium is located directly behind the front desk. Click here to learn more

Managed by Mirage’s own internal aquarium, the aquarium is cleaned 2-3 times a week because the aquarium staff will adapt and dive into the tank. Divers can be seen scrubbing corals, wiping acrylic windows and siphoning gravel in the early morning. This maintenance helps to keep the water healthy for the animals and maintain a beautiful appearance.

3400 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109

“Located behind the front desk in The Mirage Hotel & Casino at The Las Vegas Strip, The Aquarium is an aquarium with a difference – it’s a shark tank!” It is located directly behind the casino entrance at the Monte Carlo Resort & Casino. “The Aquarium at The Mirage is a tank with a difference a 20,500-gallon salt water home for approximately 45 sharks from about 85 different species from around the world.”

The Aquarium at The Mirage is located in a building that resembles a sea life theme. There are tanks on each side and several different levels of play ranging from the “base” which is where the sharks are housed, up to the highest levels which house the largest of the sharks. The biggest of these is a sixty-two foot high shark tank.

The first step to entering the aquarium at The Mirage is to get a VIP pass. This is a good idea because most of the sharks are extremely friendly and will come to you for feedings. Once you have obtained your VIP pass you will be shown into the shark tank itself and given a tour. The Shark Pool is located directly above and contains around five hundred thousand gallons of water to provide a variety of conditions for the sharks in the tank.

There are two types of shark to be found in the Shark Pool: Great White Sharks and Leopard Sharks. Both varieties of sharks will be able to feed on any food that they wish to eat and there are usually several bowls of food located around the pool so that they do not become stressed or bored. Each type of shark will also be provided with some sort of housing in the form of a glass aquarium. There is also a small shower area for the sharks to be able to take a bath.

While the sharks are being provided with food, the Fish will be moving around in the Tank and the owner may ask that you help move their tank on its own. If you are experienced with moving large aquariums you will have no problem at all. All you need is the right sized forklift to move the tank and some strong backboards for it to fit into. The Shark Pool.

The Fish are provided with fresh, clean water, food supplements so that they can grow to be more than ten feet long. At the conclusion of their stay in the Tank, they are returned to the aquarium.

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