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Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign

The Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas Sign is a well-known Las Vegas landmark created in May 1959 by Western Neon, Inc. and erected by Western Neon in the year following its inception. Betty Willis, one of the company’s founders, designed the sign in the likeness of a traditional welcome sign, with large rectangular windows.

Betty designed the welcome sign using her own art, but rather than using ink, it was printed on vinyl. Her artistic abilities helped to create a sign that was aesthetically pleasing and appealing. Betty was responsible for the overall layout of the sign.

Betty’s mother, Mollie Wilson, assisted in the drafting of the Welcome to Fabulous sign. Betty and Mollie developed the sign over a span of several months. Betty had to complete the design and layout in her spare time between work hours, and both mothers worked late nights and weekends into the night.

Betty and Mollie also collaborated to ensure the sign’s longevity. Their efforts resulted in the installation of the sign in 1960, with Betty serving as the project manager. The sign was completed and opened in early October. It was the first neon-lit sign on the Strip. Click here to learn more

The main objective of the company was to provide a unique approach to design that was attractive, fun, and engaging to the public. Betty and Mollie also sought to develop a sign that would not be difficult to install, as well as ensuring that the sign would function efficiently and reliably. This resulted in the installation of the sign, being one of the most successful signs in Las Vegas.

Betty was a pioneer when it came to the design of the sign, but was not the first. She was, however, among the first to successfully complete a sign in the field of sign art, and was among the first to use color and vinyl technology.

Betty was responsible for the sign’s design in addition to its production. She designed and constructed the sign, and was responsible for its installation and maintenance.

The majority of Betty’s work involved the development of the sign. As mentioned above, she was a pioneer when it came to the application of colored vinyl and the use of bright colors on the sign. She used black and white in a variety of patterns, as well as other vibrant hues. Betty was also responsible for the layout and the placement of the signs.

Betty worked closely with Mollie in order to make sure the signs were correctly installed. Mollie provided the creative input and the technical expertise.

The Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas logo is a Las Vegas landmark invested and constructed in May 1959 and was established by Western Neon shortly after. The logo was designed by Betty Willis at the request of the local salesperson Ted Rogich, who sold it to Clark County, Nevada
5200 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89119

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