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What are the benefits of a concierge doctor?

What are the benefits of a concierge doctor?

Concierge medicine is a relatively recent approach to primary care that tries to improve the doctor-patient connection by making it more individualized. Patients pay a membership fee to a primary physician, comparable to the retainer cost paid to an attorney, to have access to this higher level of care.

Concierge medicine often gives you access to your doctor that you wouldn’t get through a standard doctor-patient relationship. Concierge medicine allows your doctor to limit the number of patients he or she accepts into their practice, resulting in more availability and access for individuals who participate in the program.

You may experience the benefits of concierge medicine for a reasonable monthly cost as a patient of Richard Rawson, DO, at Temecula Medical Group in Temecula, California. Patients who sign up for this program get the exact sort of care they need, when they need it, without the hassle of scheduling conflicts or long wait times in the office. As a consequence, you may save time and money that you would have spent on trial and error at home or trips to urgent care clinics while waiting to see your main physician.

Patient-physician connections are improving

Concierge medicine makes it easier for you and your doctor to form a personal bond. You’re more likely to create a trusting and familiar relationship with your doctor if you have more direct access, which may make you more motivated to follow preventative care advice.

While the link between concierge medicine and better health isn’t evident, there is a benefit to developing a trusting relationship with your primary care provider. Patients who see a primary care physician had a 19% lower risk of dying prematurely than those who rely entirely on specialist visits to maintain their health.

Instantaneous and unrestricted access

When a medical emergency happens, such as a stroke or heart attack, there’s no doubt that something is wrong and that quick attention is required. When you have an illness that generates vague or common symptoms, however, it may not be obvious that you need medical help right away.

Concierge medicine eliminates the obstacles to care that can cause potentially harmful delays by providing you with direct access to our staff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our providers are always available and only a phone call or text away. That means you won’t have to second-guess how to deal with issues that develop between visits, risking wasting time that could have a significant impact on your results.

There is little to no wait time to make an appointment

According to a survey of 15 significant US metro regions, seeing a family medicine practitioner takes an average of 24.1 days. That wasted time, which totals more than three weeks, can cause your illness to worsen while you wait, and it could even influence the type of treatment you need.

Concierge physicians have more control over their availability since they limit the number of patients they accept. As a concierge patient, you will have access to same-day appointments, allowing you to address your concerns and conditions as soon as possible.

Spend more time with your doctor

According to a University of Wisconsin study, although almost half of primary care physicians schedule patient visits at 15-minute intervals, concierge physicians spend an average of 35 minutes on each patient visit. It’s difficult to believe that doctors don’t keep one eye on the clock during your examination when they’re under pressure to move between patients at 15-minute intervals.

The pressure to finish an office visit in a short amount of time could result in missed chances for patient education and guidance. The extra time spent with you by a concierge physician allows for a more thorough examination rather than focusing solely on your “chief complaint,” or major reason for the visit.

A whole variety of services

Temecula Medical Group, for example, has state-of-the-art laboratory and diagnostic equipment, including EKGs, X-rays, and an in-house laboratory for blood tests and urinalysis. This makes it easier for you to get diagnostic tests and receive the information your doctor needs to offer the best possible care.

Additional perks, such as cheap lab and diagnostic testing, can make your monthly concierge cost a good investment. Patients are drawn to this novel method to maintaining their health because of the ease, accessibility, and potential cost savings.

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