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What is the advantage of a concierge doctor?

What is the advantage of a concierge doctor?

We talk a lot about how concierge medicine can help those who have trouble finding a doctor. It’s true that having a concierge physician who takes the time to get to know you and understand your condition is beneficial if you’re older or have a complex health issue. What if you’re younger and appear to be in good health?

This is a common question we get from healthy folks. “I’m a young man. I’m in good shape. “Why do I have to pay for that?” says the narrator. It’s not difficult to understand their rationale. Why would you pay for concierge treatment if you only get ill once in a while? And if you do become ill, you can always go to an urgent care center for a quick prescription, right?

First and foremost, seeing a doctor on a regular basis, whether concierge or not, is an excellent habit to develop. Consider it like going to the dentist twice a year for a cleaning or getting an oil change for your automobile. Routine maintenance can help avoid or discover issues before they become serious.

But, as a healthy person, why should you take the next step and pay for concierge medicine? Of course, only the person can answer that, but here are five advantages of concierge medicine for healthy people.

When You Need It, Healthcare Is There

Life is hectic. It can be difficult to carve out time for anything else, including healthcare, whether you have a busy work schedule that keeps you on the road all the time, a challenging school workload that fills your leisure time, or parenting children who have their own busy schedules.

When you have to prepare three weeks ahead of time and expect a 30-minute wait in the lobby plus a 20-minute wait in the exam room, fitting a doctor’s appointment into your calendar can be practically difficult.

You obtain efficient care from a concierge doctor because you have access to them without having to cram it into your calendar.

Feeling a little under the weather? Do you have problems getting rid of sinus congestion? You don’t have to waste time going to the doctor’s office if you have a concierge doctor. Call your doctor and explain what’s going on; they may be able to treat you over the phone.

Long-term prevention is essential for maintaining good health throughout one’s life

Concierge doctors spend more time with each patient because they see fewer patients than standard primary care doctors. Most concierge services give visits that last at least 30 minutes, as well as physicals that go beyond the standard annual physical. Our advanced physicals, for example, last anywhere from two to eight hours at PartnerMD. In a regular primary care practice, each appointment lasts around seven minutes with your doctor.

This allows you the opportunity to talk about not only what’s bothering you right now, but also your long-term aspirations. What do you hope to be able to accomplish in the next ten years? Is it really 15 years? When you retire, how do you want to be able to live?

There are things you can do right now, while you’re healthy, to assist you achieve your long-term goals. With the help of a concierge doctor, you’ll have more time to build a long-term health plan.

Know what you’re up against

You can do a deep dive into your family and medical history with extra time to spend with your concierge doctor. Even if you are currently healthy, what are your risk factors based on your family history? What medical problems did you have in the past that could resurface in the future?

The majority of concierge medical services provide more advanced physicals and health tests than standard primary care offices. That’s one of the benefits of becoming a member. You may believe you are in perfect health, but special testing may reveal otherwise.

Concierge doctors are trained in sophisticated testing and medicine, as well as assisting you in understanding the full picture of your health. When you pay for concierge medicine when you’re healthy, you’re investing in the best in early diagnosis and prevention to help you stay healthy in the long term, which saves you money.

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